Wednesday, December 08, 2004
  We have entered mobile-land and there is no turning back!
Whenever I hear the song "No Phone" by Cake I can't help but think about how much mobile devices have changed our lives. It's embedded in our lives so fully now, that people are starting to sing songs about having it around all the time. The arts have already come to accept the societal change that is taking place and either embrace it or reject it. That is so powerful!!! And it makes my head tingle!!

A few months ago when I was in Finland there was a cameraphone based art exhibit at a local museum. I couldn't help but think, again, the powerful influence this revolution is having on our daily lives - our art and culture. It's in our museums, it's in our music, it's in our daily commutes, it's in our business lives, it shapes our plans, it motivates us to move about spaces.

So here today when I found these bits, I again thought, "Wow! look at all these different things people are doing with these devices that are so much more about culture and so much less about there intended uses." Here are a couple of pop-culture mobile fun for you that exemplify exactly how much the device is shaping our behavior:

Tate Britain's Bluetooth Xmas Tree (I love this and it's a bit of holiday fun!!!)

A bluetooth Christmas tree where people can leave Bluetooth presents... images, sounds, videos.
On Christmas Day, the presents will be 'unwrapped' at may also send presents to
I can't wait to see what people leave. A global Christmas party! How cool?!

Phones as Lighters

People are also beginning to hold up cell phones at concerts instead of lighters! Yeah!!! Does that mean maybe they don't have lighters and less people are smoking? Really though, think about this, it means the people now also have a sort of "safety light" in their pockets at all times. Ever lost keys, can't find a ring, etc.

So next time you think about how much you'd love to leave your phone at home, run away and turn it off... think again, because it's too late. We've eaten the red pill and there is no turning back. You'll hear about it on the radio, see it in your office building, celebrate it at the holidays, be swarmed by it at a concert, or who knows maybe one day your phone will eventually have a tracking device and find you, then beep twice at you for leaving it behind!


The 'red pill'!!!



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