Wednesday, January 05, 2005
  Back from Break
Ok, so it's been a bit longer than I expected since I have written anything (I think Im going to stop saying that now). I got back a few days ago from my terrific holiday break!!! Really, I don't think it could have been better! Friends, Family, Fun... what more could I ask for (especially when stuck in the cold midwest)?

So over break and a few weeks prior as well, I was working on some things with Mary Hodder, Wired proclaimed "Digital Queen", and Lisa Rein, MobileGirl proclaimed "Video Queen". Hmmmmm... Social communities, video, and mobile stuff ... what a great idea! Anyways, I just wanted to give a shout out to them as being really GREAT to work with!

As well, I was also looking more closely at some of the photo sites. I hadn't played with BuzzNet in a little while and I was really impressed! They have done some really great stuff recently and opened up their whole API. While Flickr still has a lot more functionality and power, Buzznet is pretty and simple. They have done a nice job on the interface and made things extremely easy to use! Which means they are drawing a nice well rounded audience. With the addition of Buzzword (community tagging) im excited to see what else comes from it. (I had the brief pleasure of meeting the founders Marc Brown and Anthony Batt at a Blogging conference over the summer... so "Well done guys!")

Quotes of the day:
(from the Feature)
"many operators are now finding that servicing the adult market can be difficult, as they try to strike a balance between making porn available to their users while not being viewed as pornographers."

No way, I didn't know that was the struggle... UH, DAH!!!

(from a different article on the feature)
"Throw some money at some young, creative developers to come up with some ideas and create some services that are a little more interesting than the tired "take a picture and MMS it to us, and we'll send it out to somebody as a postcard" idea that's still making the rounds. Find some smart, creative kids that have used MMS, and know why it's boring and no good, then get them to come up with better ideas. "

... :) :) :)


hey -- thanks for the nice words about buzznet...
glad you enjoyed your experience. I upgraded your account to premium.

Let us know more about what yout think.

- marc
hi anita,

i work for the carphone warehouse in the uk, and alot of my time while im working, i'm configuring different handsets for, alot of people, varying in ages, are intrested in mms, and want to use it..but the problem is, well, is ridiculously hard for starters to set the damn thing up on the multitude of different handsets...secondly, mms seems to me to be an after isn't implemented properly at all..the pitch is good...sounds, pics etc..shame then that it isn't so easy to use..thats why it's a failure..even the network's here find it difficult to send the settings etc to their own branded handsets...there's no standard at all...i have a few good idea's that would work..but hey...who am i???...jay.
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