Monday, April 04, 2005
  Happy Mobile Monday!
Tonight's Mobile Monday is at Yahoo!

Igor Jablakov: Program Director, Multimodal & Voice Portals, IBM Software Group

Fabrizio Capobianco: CEO and founder of Funambol, the company behind the open source mobile platform Sync4j

Jeff Clavier and Marc Brown: Buzznet

Thad White: Senior Director, Product Management at Yahoo!

I know Jeff and Marc will talk about absolutely amazing things! I really love what they are doing to reach the mainstream photo sharing community! And I used to work with/ for Thad. He's great as well! I think tonights event will be really good.

Plus some free munchies from Y! ... so what could be bad about it?

See you all there!
"And I used to work with/ for..."

Poor Girl.
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